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Dedication. Commitment. Excellence.

My name is Jack Izenbart. I started this company on behalf of customers just like you who want a clean and great-looking yard. Choosing Zen Lawn Care gets you top-notch, attention to detail, professional landscaping, and lawn care services.

Zen Lawn Care is built on hard work, dedication, and creativity at the heart of all of our lawn care and landscaping projects. Get in touch with me today, and learn more about how we can transform your yard spaces into something great.

Get to Know Jack, and Zen Lawncare

Zen Lawncare Grand Rapids, MI

My passion, skill, and experience always go into lawn care and landscaping projects. With a variety of services available, clients have many options for their vision for their outdoor space.


I believe in creating spaces as beautiful as they are functional, always putting customer satisfaction first.

Zen Lawncare Grand Rapids, MI

Hi, I am Jack

Family is Everything.

My foundation to work hard for your begins with my family's roots. Me and my family on senior day, my last game of playing my favorite sport with great friends.

My dad being a businessman, paved the way for me to learn entrepreneurship from day one.

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Zen Lawncare, Jack Izenbart
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